New York Metropolitan University's Associate, Bachelor's, and Master's degree programs have been accredited by recognized accreditation bodies. These bodies set evaluation criteria and carry out peer reviews to ensure that the institution's curriculum meets established quality standards. Furthermore, all of the university's degree, diploma, and certification programs undergo a thorough evaluation process that includes assessments of price, flexibility, curriculum quality, and student learning outcomes.

All degree, diploma, and certification programs at New York Metropolitan University are subjected to a rigorous review process, which assesses each program in terms of price, flexibility, curriculum quality, and student learning curves.


Provides students with the assurance that the institution meets industry standards for quality, professors, programs, and other academic services.


Validates the credibility of your degree, ensuring that it is recognized by future employers or educational institutions when seeking further study.


Confirms the academic quality and standards of a university, giving assessors confidence when transferring course credits to other institutions.

Marked By
International Accreditation

Department Of Education United States

Department of Education United States is an American agency that grants accreditation and equivalency to educational institutions and individuals. The mission of the Department of Education United States is to ensure that all accredited institutions meet prespecified industry education standards.

International Higher Learning Commission

HLC is proud to offer your institution the opportunity to achieve global accreditation and recognition for its commitment to academic excellence. Our comprehensive quality assurance model includes an advanced education management system that drives continuous improvement in educational standards at all levels - from schools to universities.

Gulf Higher Education Commission

The Gulf Higher Education Commission is an independent, statutorily mandated, and autonomous regulatory body charged with supervising, certifying, regulating, and supporting higher education institutions in the Middle East.